Madagascar Team

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Madagascar Team

Madagascar Team

Our Team in Madagascar have years of experience in the mining and resource industry and have managed two extensive drilling programs for IPR and also successfully managed the community and social relations at both Tratramarina and Ambodilafa while we were there doing exploration works and since by providing community support initiatives. Frequent consultation with our host communities ensures support is strong for our projects.

Our geologist Thierry Andriamihaja has strong local experience and affinity with community and environmental interests.

All positions with direction from the senior leadership, who are experienced in working in remote locations, will enable AKO to perform admirably in the areas of government, community, environment and safety ensuring we successfully progress the exploration work plan and gain the confidence of those involved to progress the Bekisopa project.

Exploration Geologist - B. Sci. Geology (Hons) GOVERNMENT AND COMMUNITY RELATIONS

Thierry is a Geologist with twenty years' experience working in exploration and mining industries.

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