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Iron Ore Projects in Madagascar

AKORA’s Madagascar iron ore projects are Bekisopa, Satrokala, Tratramarina and Ambodilafa. Bekisopa, located in central Madagascar, is AKORA's highest priority project with exploration potential for a significant high grade lump iron ore resource.

Bekisopa was acquired by AKORA in mid 2014 and the company has reviewed the extensive historical geological work and prepared plans to progress the project once timing and funding was right. Bekisopa is located 220km from the west coast and is accessed from Antananarivo, the Malagasy capital, along the sealed national highway 7 and then dirt tracks.  The nearest local village is some 17 kilometres from the exploration site. AKORA’s plan at Bekisopa is to develop the project in two stages. Stage 1: Produce +62% Fe direct shipping ore (DSO). Stage 2: Produce premium-priced +68% Fe concentrate.

AKORAa’s Tratramarina and Ambodilafa projects on the east coast have the exploration potential for a sizable upgradable iron ore resource. Tratramarina is only 16 kilometres and Ambodilafa is less than 50km off the deep water east coast. These tenements were obtained in 2011 and AKORA has carried out geological evaluations and an initial drilling program at both sites that intersected banded iron formations.

Our projects

Our Projects in Madagascar

We have three distinct project tenement areas in Madagascar.
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