Our Objectives

Striving to realise the best value for shareholders

Our objectives

Focussed Bekisopa Work Programme

Following the successful fund raising for AKORA Resources (then IPR)  in late June 2019 an extensive and immediate program of work was completed;

  • Upgrade all relevant geological knowledge via ground work and a ground magnetic survey across the Bekisopa main tenement area
  • Use this refined geological information to develop an ore body model and a drilling program at Bekisopa.

Outcomes from insightful October 2019 Bekisopa field work;

  • Geologically - Massive layers of magnetite – hematite are traceable over the entire 7 km strike and the features suggest an early structural origin. Plus the host rock contains relatively coarse disseminated magnetite-hematite, 0.5 to 2 mm particles, and forms a halo to the massive magnetite - hematite bands.
  • Magnetic survey - identified an orebody with depth extent of at least 500 metres and possible widths of 40 to 150 metres and dipping to the west.
  • Possibility for three distinct iron ore products from Bekisopa; a high grade ~65% iron lump direct ship iron ore with a realistic exploration target of +100 Mt to 100 meters depth. The disseminated iron ore, upgradable to a high grade fines product and potentially 500 to 1000 Mt resource. There is also liberated fine magnetite in the laterite soils and potentially some 30 Mt estimated.

As the knowledge and resource base increases at Bekisopa with its high grade DSO potential, the AKORA Board will evaluate options to realise the best value for shareholders.

As information from the work program evolves we will promptly update shareholders and the market, particularly the Bekisopa drill hole analysis.